Our Team

The Yukon Cube Satellite team is made up of high school, college and university students working to challenge the limits of technology in space. Scroll down to get to know us!

Spencer – Principal Investigator

Spencer deals with administrative, personnel, research, and design of the CubeSat. From overseeing quality to following milestones, Spencer is our leader and guide for the project. He is excited for all the phases of the project, research, design and build because this is a fantastic opportunity. Spencer was born and raised in the Yukon, then after completing his Masters of Applied Science in Aerospace Engineering from Carleton University he returned to Whitehorse to research the implementation of renewable energy in remote isolated power grids with the Yukon Research Centre. Volunteering his time with the project, Spencer looks forward to seeing the satellite functioning in space.

Francis – Project Manager

Francis deals with research and design technical aspects, managing meetings, and organizing and facilitating outreach activities. Francis has just finished his third year at the University of British Columbia Okanagan in Mechanical Engineering.  His involvement with YukonSat stems from his desire to increase his knowledge in engineering and electromechanical systems. Francis looks forward to a successful deployment with sensor data and pictures being recorded and sent to earth.

Ally – Lead Systems Engineer

Ally deals with mitigating risks through testing and quality control, oversees the interfacing of hardware and software components, and keeps track of progress and requirements. She is entering her third year of Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University with a minor in Geomatics. Her involvement with YukonSat stems from her desire to learn about space technology and its applications. She looks forward to completing her first space-based project and hopes to continue working in the development of space-based technologies in the north.

Ashley – Software and Data Specialist

Ashley deals with data collection and storage, hardware selection, downlink communications and data management, and communication interface. She has just finished her second year at the University of British Columbia. Involvement with YukonSat stems from her career goal of working for the Canadian Space Agency, and she would like to bring Yukoners more opportunities to learn and work with technologies that will benefit us in the future.

Riley – CAD Designer

Riley deals with the CubeSat model, developing duty cycles, and programming data collection and storage software. He has just finished grade nine. Riley’s involvement with YukonSat stems from his interest in creating and developing a functioning satellite.

Katarina – Chief Web Designer

Katarina maintains and designs the YukonSat website as well as doing research on components and learning more about coding. She hopes to see the satellite stay in orbit and functionally transmit data for at least three months, And also have the robotic arm take a picture of the cubesat in space. Katarina is a Grade 12 student at Vanier Catholic Secondary. She joined YukonSat to gain experience working in a science field and enjoy solving any problematic space issues that may arise. From space to gaming, felting to chemistry, Katarina wants to put all of her knowledge and skill into the cubesat project.

James – Systems Integration and Software Development

James has recently joined the YukonSat to learn more about satellites and space technologies. He is in his fourth year of Computer Systems Engineering at Carlton University. James wants to help connect people in the community to the subject of computer science through outreach. From SCUBA diving to computer science, from physics to Artificial General Intelligence, James wants to apply his skills to the CubeSat project.

Annabelle – Communications Officer

Annabelle is our Communications Executive Officer and deals with social media, communications, and research. She has just finished her second year in Honours Psychology with Co-op at Brock University and a Certificate in Northern Justice and Criminology from the Yukon College. Annabelle’s involvement with YukonSat stems from her passion to learn and get involved in new challenges.  She looks forward to seeing the CubeSat functioning in space and being able to communicate with it.